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NH House votes to override veto and supports abolishing the death penalty.


My Commitment

“Whether you are a newcomer or a life-long resident, a Democrat, Republican or Independent, Hampton is our home, and I will do my best to serve you and everyone in our community.”

Dear Hampton Friends and Neighbors,

I respectfully ask you to please vote for my re-election as a state representative for District 21 (Hampton).

In the six terms I have served as a lawmaker I have tried to be a thoughtful, hardworking, and effective voice for the people of Hampton in the Statehouse. By building bridges across party lines and regional divides, by listening and focusing on problem-solving instead of embracing cynicism and despair, over the past two years I have passed important legislation that impacts directly upon the people of Hampton and our state.

With the help of members of law enforcement, defense lawyers, civil libertarians, media representatives, and victim advocates, I sponsored and helped craft bipartisan legislation to promote the use of body-worn cameras by police to help make our communities safer.

Working with commercial and recreational fishing families I passed legislation to try to help preserve our traditional fishing industry.

Working with crime victims and other allies, I wrote successful legislation that banned human trafficking, made domestic violence a crime, kept dangerous firearms out of the hands of people convicted of battering their spouses and intimate partners, secured additional funds for shelters for victims of domestic abuse and their children, and required individuals convicted of rape and murder and other violent crimes to appear in court at sentencing to hear directly from victims the impact that the evil of crime had upon their lives.

Whether you are a newcomer or lifelong resident, a Democrat, Republican, or independent voter, we are vital parts of the Hampton community, and if re-elected I will do my best to serve you, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

In Solidarity,

Renny Cushing


In the next two years and beyond, our town, our Seacoast region, and our state face a number of ongoing challenges. Some work I want to accomplish if re-elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives includes:

Tax revenue protection

Leading the fight to end the sweetheart deals and tax loopholes for large corporations the state has mandated upon some municipalities that costs Hampton a half-million dollars in tax revenue each year and forces the rest of us to pay more in property taxes.


Advocating for a return of state school building aid so as Hampton moves forward to renovate our middle school, Hampton Academy, the state contributes its fair share to education.

energy and environment

Working to promote our local economy, protect our environment, and transition to a sustainable energy system.


Continuing the effort I began this year to restore state aid grants for municipal water and sewer projects so that infrastructure projects vital to our public health— such as the replacement of the sewer line from Hampton Beach to the treatment plant — can move forward.

worker protection

Challenging the state’s broken promise to contribute to a portion of the retirement of local police, fire, and teachers, by pushing to reinstate the law that was repealed in 2011 that imposed property tax increases on Hampton and other communities.

Mental Illness

Ending the practice of sending people with severe mental illness who have never engaged in unlawful activity inside the state prison. Mental illness is a disease, not a crime.


Rep. Cushing is a fierce believer in the rights of those who are battling Alzheimer’s disease across the entire state and works tirelessly for caregivers ensuring healthcare, safety, and access to services are in place. Through his work in the community, constituents shared stories about their loved ones with dementia having been financially exploited. They were individuals with Alzheimer’s and Veterans being targeted due to their disease. In the 2018 legislative session he sponsored a bill to protect people with Alzheimer’s or any other related dementia from financial exploitation. Assembling a team of stakeholders, members of the Attorney General’s office, and reaching across the aisle to pass House Bill 1807 closing the loopholes and strengthening the language around financial theft and exploitation of anyone in New Hampshire that is cognitively impaired. “

-Heather Carroll, Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH - September 2018

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Renny was named the 2018 Legislative Leader of the Year by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and received the 2017 Bill of Rights Award from ACLU of NH. Renny was also inducted into the Legislative Hall of Fame by NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Some of the issues he has worked on are summarized below. Renny was named one of New Hampshire’s seven most effective legislators by the Union Leader in 2017. Below is a sampling of some of Renny’s recent legislative efforts: